15 Amazing Castles of Ireland


2. Dunluce Castle

Once the hub of an important defensive fort, the ruins of Dunluce Castle still pose an intimidating image in Northern Ireland. Visitors can partake of daily tours by crossing a bridge to the Antrim Coast and accessing the formidable stone walls and massive stone structures that once held scores of armed guards. Verifiable archaeological records indicate that the castle was inhabited in 1513 by the MacQuillan family. Because of the unique vantage point and practically impenetrable rocky cliffs below it, the site was usually involved in some sort of ownership battle. Viking and Christian crusaders both claimed equal stake in overtaking the land over the tumultuous centuries. Years of erosion, neglect, and decay resulted in large sections of the stone giving way into the cold seawater below. Although the original inhabitants abandoned the site many years ago, visitors are easily able to imagine how important the Dunluce Castle was to economic and military forces of the fourteenth century.

Dunluce Castle
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