12 Destinations to See the Most Beautiful Sunsets Ever

12 Destinations to See the Most Beautiful Sunsets Ever

Sunsets can be spectacular in any given landscape, yet some sunsets stand out more than others. There is usually something else, something you can’t quite put your finger on, making the sunset that much more life changing. There are places in our world that heighten all five senses during the transition from day to night, and if you’re lucky enough to be in one of these places at the right time, memories of the experience will remain with you forever. That is what makes a sunset so magical. Not to mention that this particular sunset can be counted on to create the same vibe every single day. Do you remember your favorite sunset to date? This list of 12 perfect locations will allow you to plan a trip where you can witness a dazzling display and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

12. Key West -Florida, USA

Key West, Florida is a unique kind of paradise. The sunsets look like postcards sent home, as the palms add dimensional flare to the deep oranges of the sky. This is when the fun begins in Key West. A sunset celebration begins every evening at Mallory Square and the streets fill with people taking part in the celebration. If this tiny island wasn’t magical enough during the day, then stay around to see what happens at sunset.  Tightrope walkers, animal acts, jugglers, and musicians all bring the scene to life. Street cafes and open-air bars are the prime spot to relax, enjoy the sea air and watch as the sun does its evening ritual. Take a boat out on the water and be moved by fascinating contrasts between ocean and sky. Some like to stroll along the harbor where the shrimp boats used to come in, but no matter which way you choose to enjoy it, Key West will provide some great opportunities for you. This little setting is quaint but lively, colorful and slow paced, all at the same time. You may even wish to stay, leaving all the hurried life behind.

Key West sunset

11. Missoula -Montana, USA

Voted America’s 6th best city to live in, Missoula sits nestled in a valley with mountains holding the diverse city. Montana is known as ‘big sky country’ and this couldn’t be truer for the amazing sunsets that happen here. Pick a mountain, or sit by a river at dusk and you will be surrounded by a canopy of color. The oranges and pinks go on as far as the eye can see. Any direction you look will be prompted by mountain peaks adding a 3-D dimension to the sunset. Each evening casts a whole new type of sunset leaving you to stop whatever you are doing and stand in awe of misshaped rainbow streaks painting the sky. If you add a music festival, or some other Missoula event to this experience, the moment claims your heart forever. Missoula is considered a ‘river culture’ city with people fishing or floating down the abundant rivers at any given time. The diverse flavor of the people and landscape only heighten the sacred sunsets. The secret holds on longer when you travel to any part of Montana; you will discover the ‘big sky’ sunsets extend all over the state. Whether you step back in time to remote little towns or take ‘going to the sun’ road in Glacier Park, you will never be disappointed by the palette of sunset. There really is nothing like a little bit of mountain air and a beautifully fading sun to inspire the soul.

Montana Sunset
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