11 Ways to Avoid Cruise Ship Rip Offs


3. Soda

It’s not just alcohol that costs money to drink; fountain pop is also not a free thing on most cruises and families with kids can expect to see a big invoice at the end of the cruise if they allow the kids to drink it. Not only are you paying upwards of $1.50 per soda but you are also tipping on top of that. For the big soda drinkers or families with kids that won’t be able to avoid it, most cruise companies offer an all-you-can-drink fountain card; similar to the plans they offer for alcohol. It can only be used for one guest so keep that in mind when you look at pricing. The best option; stick to the widely available juice and water that is free. Not only is it free but it’s likely healthier for you than pop.

soda bottles

4. Photo Shoots

Cruise staff seem to be clicking cameras everywhere, from the pre-boarding picture to the fancy dinner picture to the jumping in the pool picture. Capturing your every move and convincing you to buy these photos is an important part of the cruise line’s hook to grab more money from you. These photos are put on display in a special viewing area every night of the cruise and there is plenty of helpful staff to make sure you go home with some. Chances are you have a camera with you, or at least a phone that snaps pictures and more than likely you can find someone on deck to snap a picture of you and your partner in the sunset on the top deck. Sure the ‘professional’ pictures may look nice but once you’re home and the trip magic has worn off, we promise you’ll regret spending $40 on a picture of you in front of a fake buoy that says the cruise line’s name on it. Instead, snap away yourself and take as many pictures as you want for free.

Cruise selfie
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