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11 Things That Will Cost Extra When You Fly With Ryanair

The Ireland-based budget airline Ryanair has built a reputation within the airline industry for some of the lowest fares around. Considering that they still have to maintain the same safety and flight regulations as their competition, undercutting prices seems like a difficult thing to do. However, once you find out about all the various fees and charges put in place by this airline (many of which are not optional), you’ll start to understand how they make up for the seemingly ‘low, low prices’. Here are just a few of the charges you can expect when flying with this Irish Airline:

11. Using a Credit Card

How often do you pay cash for your flight bookings? We’re sure it’s never. And this is just about the only way to avoid this ridiculous fee. With the large majority of customers paying for their flights online, the only real way to pay is to use a credit card, and Ryanair knows this. That’s why they charge 2% of your total transaction as their mandatory credit card fee.

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