11 Tapas You Must Try in Spain

11 Tapas You Must Try in Spain

Tapas are a staple in Spain. Simply put they are delicious, small snacks that are served between lunch and dinner, to work up your appetite and help tie your stomach over until the normally late dinner hour rolls around. They are served in bars, restaurants and people’s homes and it’s normal for friends to go out after work for drinks and tapas. They are served hot or cold and can range from anything as simple as the traditional olives to much more complex foods such as quail eggs. When in Spain make sure you try these 12 tapas; they will not disappoint.

11. Pulpo a la Gallega

Described as chewy, salty, sweet and filling, healthy and satisfying, this is a favorite tapas and a must have in Spain. Pulpo a la gallega is simply chopped boiled octopus in the Galician style – dressed with sea salt, olive oil and sweet pimento. When in Spain you can find this delectable snack from a stand in the street or a tapas bar. It is commonly served on a wooden board with toothpicks and is simple yet so satisfying. Pulpo a la Gallega

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