11 of the World’s Smallest Hotel Rooms Photo by: Das park hotel

11 of the World’s Smallest Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms come in all shapes and sizes and depending on how much you’re willing to spend, they can range from teeny tiny spaces all the way up to massive luxury suites. Many hotels in major cities are looking to space-saving alternatives to the traditional full size hotel room and more and more travelers are looking for the cheapest night’s stay they can get. If you’re budget is geared towards deals or if you just appreciate unique hotel experiences, get ready because today we’re taking a look at some of the smallest hotel rooms around the world.

1. CityHub -Amsterdam

CityHub is a totally new kind of travel accommodation experience, created by 2 University buddies from Amsterdam who love travel and meeting people. CityHub offers affordable sleeping accommodations for travelers who enjoy joining in and learning about local city life. With Rates starting at €59 (about $64 USD) you can stay in your own sleeping ‘Hub’, equipped with a roomy 2 person bed, Ipod docking station and color-changing mood lighting. Toilets and showers are shared with other travelers but you’ll have a tiny space to call your own.

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