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11 Cool Cultural Festivals Around the World

The world we live in consists of an extremely diverse human population which, throughout the ages, has developed distinct cultural and political norms specific to their religion and beliefs. Today, this diversity has left us with a plethora of events, some traditional with a deep seeded history and some not-so-traditional developed purely for a specific need, that shed light into and allow us to experience cultures different from our own. For those interested in some cultural diversity, here are 11 cool cultural festivals that happen around the world

11. World Bodypainting Festival, Austria

One of the only festivals of its kind on the planet, The World Bodypainting Festival is a weeklong fusion of bodies and beats that takes place in Poertschach, Austria. A unique combination of a musical event mixed with a body-painting competition (yes, they have those) results in a truly one a kind artistic experience for festival goers; attendees get to witness and enjoy the artistic prowess of over 45 competing nations as well as participate in a number of other extraordinary festival events and activities.

10. National Cheese Festival, Spain

For anyone who needs more than the typical reasons for indulging in and exploring different varieties of cheese, Spain’s National Cheese Festival in Trujillo, Caceres is a must-attend event. Featuring over 300 different types of cheese, the festival also holds a variety of workshops, tasting sessions and demonstrations, attracting upwards of 100,000 international cheese-lovers.

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