10 Over The Top All-Inclusive Vacation Amenities Photo by: Laucala Island

10 Over The Top All-Inclusive Vacation Amenities

All-inclusive vacations are undeniably easy; all you have to do is show up and every need is catered to, without you having to open your wallet. Endless buffets, drinks and access to water sports are all pretty typical amenities that are included in these vacations, but what about private submarine rides, extensive wine collections and free tennis lessons. With a bit of research and time, it is actually possible to experience so much more than just unlimited food and drinks from an all-inclusive resort. Whether you think these amenities are over the top or just plain awesome; here are 10 amenities that are actually included in these epic vacations:

10. Fireplace Butler, New Mexico

Having a fireplace in your hotel room is one of the most romantic touches, but lighting that fire and getting it to stay lit can quickly kill the mood. Luckily for the guests at the Four Seasons Resort Ranch Encantado in Santa Fe New Mexico, there is a fireplace butler. All guests need to do is request a visit from this expert and your butler will arrive at your door dressed in outdoor gear and a red flannel hat, making sure he looks the part. The fireplace butler will go on to light the fire for you and serve you hot chocolate or steaming apple cider in charming camping mugs. And you thought you had heard of every kind of butler.

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