10 Coolest National Parks in the World

10 Coolest National Parks in the World

Are you looking for a different kind of vacation? Why not check out the national parks of different countries? National parks are protected lands managed by the governments. They are the stage on which Mother Nature is the star. Some parks have archaeological areas as the scenic backdrop while others have volcanoes, snow-capped peaks and water as the main attraction. Try these for a different kind of vacation.

1. Kruger National Park

In 1926, South Africa established Kruger National Park, the largest game preserve in Africa. It covers almost 8,000 square miles. The park includes some exotic flora but the animals are the stars of the show. Elephant, zebra, rhinoceros, cheetah, giraffe, leopards, hippos and buffalo can be seen through webcams set up in the park.

Kruger National Park
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