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10 Awesome Museums Where You Can Spend the Night

We can all thank the movie “Night at the Museum” for peaking everyone’s interest in spending a night at a museum, especially kids. While the artifacts and animals won’t come to life like the movie (or will they?), there is something pretty amazing about curling up surrounded by history. From snoozing under a 94-foot blue whale to building rockets to live animal exhibitions, these sleepovers aren’t just for kids. Indulge in an adult’s only sleepover complete with craft beer and wine or spend some quality family time at these 10 awesome museums where you can spend the night.

10. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum -Cooperstown, NY

You can sleep among the iconic athletes at this awesome hall of fame and museum during their Extra Innings Overnight program, a true delight for any baseball fan. The program typically runs just four times a year and is open to both children of members and youth groups. The program was inspired by the Night at the Museum movie but instead of dinosaurs and Indians, the kids get bats and balls. The actual sleeping happens underneath your favorite hall of famer’s plaque so get there early to stake your claim. Activities throughout the night include a scavenger hunt, presentations, hands-on exhibits, personal tours and movie and popcorn. This program is designed for children ages 7-12 and adults seem to enjoy it just as much as kids. Get your favorite jersey out and sleep under the stars at this awesome museum.

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