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10 Amazing Underwater Hotels

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay underwater, surrounded by scores of marine life? You aren’t the only one to have this dream and fortunately the future is evolving faster than ever and out of the box thinkers are coming up with more incredible ways to stay, play and dine. Underwater hotels are one of the hottest new creations, and from Florida to the Maldives; there are now incredible underwater hotels you can stay at, provided you have pretty deep pockets. Some of these hotels are concepts, some are under construction and some are ready to have you spend the night. Check out these 10 amazing underwater hotels around the world.

10. Poseidon Undersea Resort -Katafinga Island, Fiji (under construction)

Although just a concept at the current time the Poseidon Undersea Resort looks to be the most luxurious of underwater hotels. This hotel has currently been under construction for 13 years but owners promise to have it open in the next couple years. For now; over 150,000 people have registered to stay here. What makes this underwater hotel so special? How about rooms that promise 70% of its exterior surface to look out into the water? Each suite is also going to come with controllable underwater lights and an external fish feeder. A large Jacuzzi tub with views of the sea floor and the finest linens and fabrics are also promised as part of every room. The resort offers endless amenities and experiences both above water and under. Promising first-class ocean views, an abundance of marine life, world-class dining and even a wedding chapel; prices look to start at $15,000 US per person per week for the all-inclusive vacation of a lifetime.

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