10 Amazing Underwater Hotels

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay underwater, surrounded by scores of marine life? You aren’t the only one to have this dream and fortunately the future is evolving faster than ever and out of the box thinkers are coming up with more incredible ways to stay, play and dine. Underwater hotels are one of the hottest new creations, and from Florida to the Maldives; there are now incredible underwater hotels you can stay at, provided you have pretty deep pockets. Some of these hotels are concepts, some are under construction and some are ready to have you spend the night. Check out these 10 amazing underwater hotels around the world.

10. Poseidon Undersea Resort -Katafinga Island, Fiji (under construction)

Although just a concept at the current time the Poseidon Undersea Resort looks to be the most luxurious of underwater hotels. This hotel has currently been under construction for 13 years but owners promise to have it open in the next couple years. For now; over 150,000 people have registered to stay here. What makes this underwater hotel so special? How about rooms that promise 70% of its exterior surface to look out into the water? Each suite is also going to come with controllable underwater lights and an external fish feeder. A large Jacuzzi tub with views of the sea floor and the finest linens and fabrics are also promised as part of every room. The resort offers endless amenities and experiences both above water and under. Promising first-class ocean views, an abundance of marine life, world-class dining and even a wedding chapel; prices look to start at $15,000 US per person per week for the all-inclusive vacation of a lifetime.

9. Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental -Shanghai, China

Located just 30 miles outside of Shanghai, this hotel is guaranteeing to be one of a kind and is attracting visitors to its unlikely location. The hotel is actually reviving an abandoned quarry and promises that the first two floors will actually be underwater, featuring an incredible aquarium and luxury guest rooms. This five-star hotel is actually being built inside the 100-metre deep, water-filled abandoned quarry and will offer stunning features such as waterfalls, hanging gardens, lakes and more. The nearby cliffs will provide the perfect place for guests to rock climb and bungee jump while the lake will be home to numerous water sports. The construction is expected to be done sometime in 2015 but the property remains incomplete at the time of this article. Prices are incredibly good and expected to start at $200 a night and this could quickly become of the more popular underwater hotels around the world.

8. The National Aquarium -Baltimore, MD

It’s not quite a hotel but sleeping beside the dolphins or sharks at The National Aquarium in Baltimore is an experience no adult or kid will ever forget. It is one of the only kid-friendly options for experiencing an underwater sleepover and while you are falling asleep under the watchful eye of the blacktip reef sharks as they glide above you, it feels as though you are truly underwater. Visitors here can choose to either sleep with the dolphins or the sharks, but both experiences offer much of the same. Dinner will be served kid-friendly style and aquarium staff teaches visitors the ins and outs of the animals. Next up is a 4D immersive movie of your choice followed by a tour of the aquarium after all other daily visitors are gone. Discover what sleeping underwater feels like, in this budget friendly, kid-centered excursion.

7. Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, Maldives

Although the Ithaa is technically a restaurant for most of the time, this underwater gem can actually be turned into a hotel room for a hefty fee. It is located 16 feet below sea level and is one of the most intimate places on this list. To get here visitors must descend the spiral staircase through a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty. What awaits patrons is a stunning transparent roof, an all glass structure and a romantic getaway. The hotel itself is located on a private island complete with an underground wine cellar, exceptional restaurants and matchless experiences such as snorkeling with whale sharks. The overwater spa is world renowned and visitors will partake in a total wellness transformation. This incredible romantic experience is topped off with clear waters, spectacular marine life, exceptional cocktails and the perfect honeymoon destination.

6. Jules’ Undersea Lodge -Key Largo, Florida, USA

The only building that one must scuba dive to in order to reach it is Jules Undersea Lodge; part hotel and part research lab. This cottage like station invites guests to spend the night exploring the lagoon, having the infamous “take out” pizza or having a chef prepared gourmet meal. To get here visitors must be SCUBA certified as the lodge is located 21 feet underwater and requires you to dive. What awaits you in this lodge are hot showers, a well-stocked kitchen, books, music and movies. A comfortable bed is provided and there is nothing like snuggling up and watching the underwater life glide by through the huge round windows. Although it is less luxury than others on this list, it was truly the first underwater hotel and one of the most affordable ways to spend a night underwater.

5. Lovers Deep, St. Lucia

This luxury submarine is taking things to a whole new level underwater. Calling on guests to join the ‘mile low club’ a British travel company is offering this submarine to couples who want to spend a night below the waves. Complete with your own personal chef and butler, this night is fully catered to your every need. Lovers Deep prides itself on consulting couples before hand and creating the dream experience for them. The submarine interior is constructed and styled to their taste along with specific experiences. A special aphrodisiac tasting menu has been designed for this package and includes oysters, caviar and a decadent chocolate fondue ensuring that guests of this experience make the most out of their underwater adventure. Prices start at £87,000 (approximately $129,000 USD) per person so you best have deep pockets to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

4. Equarius Hotel, Sentosa Resorts World, Singapore

Experience one of the world’s largest aquariums when you stay in one of the exclusive ocean suites located at the Equarius Hotel in Singapore. Designed as a two-story townhouse, these suites give guests the best of both above water and underwater experiences. Above the water is an open living room, outside patio and Jacuzzi tub while the lower levels gives guests access to 50,000 marine animals in their own private suite. Premium linens, fine furnishings and the best in design is what guests will expect when they stay here, along with a private butler. Feeding time is perhaps one of the favorite as guests can watch as divers go below the surface to interact with the marine life. With an array of dining experiences and attractions, one will want to spend more than just one night at this amazing hotel located at Sentosa Resorts World in Singapore.

3. Utter Inn Hotel -Vasteras, Sweden

This floating art project opened in 2000 and immediately became a hit with the public. Visitors here won’t get five star accommodations or a personal butler, but they will get a unique experience unlike any other. The house is made up of one room above water and the bedroom below, reached by a rung ladder. The bedroom is underwater and consists of two small beds and one table and features four windows that let you get up close and personal with the marine life of the lake. An inflatable dingy takes you out to the hotel and it’s up to you how you spend your time. Paddling out to the nearby island, dining on a glass of wine on the patio or watching the fish soar out of the water are all popular choices. One thing’s for sure, this experience will be unforgettable.

2. Atlantis, The Palm -Dubai, UAE

Only in Dubai will you find a bar of soap that has gold flakes right in it. It also happens to be the home of two incredible underwater suites that boast 1,776 square feet of space over three floors. Located at Atlantis, these luxury suites take underwater sleepovers to a whole new level. The suites offer floor-to-ceiling views from the bedrooms, lounge, and bathrooms into the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium, which holds 65,000 marine animals. A 24-hour butler, unlimited access to the waterpark and your own private dolphin encounter are included in the price tag of just $8,200 a night. Guests looking to be treated like a true VIP visitor while enjoying the views of 65,000 marine animals have found just the place they have been looking for at The Palm, Atlantis.

1. The Manta Resort -Pemba Island, Zanzibar

This is perhaps the best underwater hotel room on this list in regards to actually being underwater, the services that are provided and the escape from reality it provides. This three level hotel floats on the Indian Ocean and offers guests the opportunity to explore the warm waters, observe the abundance of marine life and dine on exquisite food. The journey begins with a boat ride out to the hotel where a guide will show you around and explain how everything works. The main level features a lounge area and bathroom facility while the roof provides a place for sun and star worshippers to lounge. The bedroom is where guests will have unparalleled views of the marine life. Expect shoals of reef fish and coral during the day. At night, the underwater spotlights bring squid, octopus and more rarely seen creatures to your windows. World class service, the utmost privacy and an unforgettable experience awaits visitors here.