10 Amazing Nordic Spas in Quebec Photo by: Nordik Spa Nature

10 Amazing Nordic Spas in Quebec

Nordic spas are also known as Nordic bath circuits, hydrotherapy or Scandinavian spas; but no matter what you call them they all offer incredible benefits. The concept is simple really; you start up by working up a sweat via a steam room or sauna to simulate cardiac function and promote blood circulation. You then move onto plunging your body into a cold temperature; whether it is a frigid river, chilly waterfall, rain shower or even the snow. This cold water closes the pores, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system by stimulating circulation. The final step of the Nordic spa cycle is to allow your body to relax for anywhere from 15-20 minutes. The body will regulate itself back to normal and your mind and body will feel clear and rejuvenated. Repeating this cycle two to three times in a row is the best way to get the full benefits. Quebec has become a haven for these Nordic spas as the breathtaking landscape and cold snowy winters provide the perfect setting. From Nordic spas tucked into the mountains to a refurbished ferry ship that offers full spa amenities, here are ten of the most amazing Nordic spas in Quebec.

10. Spa des Chutes de Bolton

Harmony between nature, body and spirit is the goal of Spa des chutes de Bolton; located at the base of the falls of the Missisquoi River in the Eastern Townships. Two dry saunas overlooking the falls along with outdoor hot tubs and a eucalyptus steam bath set the stage for the “hot” part of your journey. This Nordic Spa is also the only one of its kind in North America to offer the savusauan; an old style smoke sauna that works like a wood sauna, without the fireplace. Smoke fills the air creating a gentle heat that envelops the body and smells great.

The cold part of this spa is the natural river that crashes down and invigorates the body, leaving you fully refreshed. The yurt with its crackling wood stove provides rest for those visiting in the winter while the sunny terrace is open in the summertime. Weekdays and after 5pm are the best time to visit this spa for the best deals and less crowded times while peak season is summer and holidays. Come and experience this breathtaking Nordic spa in the heart of nature.

9. Spa Ofuro

The Japanese wooden architecture and flowing river set the stage for complete relaxation here at Spa Ofuro; located in Morion-Heights in the heart of the Laurentians. Overlooking the mountains this Nordic spa includes three dry saunas, a eucalyptus steam bath, four hot whirlpool baths, two cold baths and a cold river to plunge into. With a total of three indoor relaxation rooms there is plenty of room for everyone here. The focus here is relaxation and taking care of one’s self, and with only the sounds of nature around; you will see why visitors continue to return.

If you want numerous days of soaking in these baths, why not stay in one of their beautiful guest rooms; each equipped with a queen size bed, fireplace and full access to all the amenities. A bistro on site provides a daily line up of soups and sandwiches that can be enjoyed indoors or out. The landscape is equally stunning in all seasons whether the waterfall is clear and babbling or the snow is covering the mountain tops you are staring out at.

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