Where to Eat: São Miguel, Portugal

Where to Eat: São Miguel, Portugal

São Miguel is full of amazing sights and activities that you cannot get anywhere else in the world and you’ll work up quite the appetite traversing the gorgeous landscapes and exploring all the treasures of land and sea. Fortunately, among all of these wonders there is a whole new layer of discovery that you can enjoy even on your down time: the cuisine of São Miguel. Sometimes hidden amid the wonders, and other times points of interests themselves, there are amazing eateries on the island of São Miguel that will make you feel like a pampered tourist or even a local. Just note: if something is put on the table that you did not ask for, it does not mean it is free! Let’s be honest though, it will probably be worth it! Below are some of the best restaurants and bars that will offer you a full delicious experience!

8. Casa Marisca

São Miguel is famous for its seafood, not only because the Portuguese have mastered the art of cooking from the sea, but because of the immense freshness of every catch! One of the best places to enjoy some of this traditional specialty is at “Casa Marsica” restaurant and pub, located in the city of Ponta Delgada. Not for the squeamish! Here you will get the full rustic experience of fresh seafood. Everything may be included from the tails to the head using old-fashioned pots and pans that have been cooking these dishes to perfection for many years. Come here to relax and immerse yourself in the Portuguese island culture and leave with a satisfied stomach and the experience of eating like a local.

Casa Marsica
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