The 10 Most Visited States in the U.S. by Foreign Travelers

The 10 Most Visited States in the U.S. by Foreign Travelers

As much as people who are native to the United States probably take their home country for granted, the reality is it’s a beautiful place to visit, especially if you’re just seeing it for the first time. Of course no foreign traveler could realistically see the whole country in one trip, but no matter which coast they start on, there is something to see for everyone. If you want to experience skiing at Lake Tahoe, you can do that in California. Who knows, you just might bump into a celebrity while engaging in your tourist activities. On the other hand if you want to experience the big city to end all big cities, there is of course New York… both the city and the state.That’s actually what this whole list is dedicated to….The 10 Most Visited States in the United States by Foreign Travelers according to the U.S. Department of Commerce –Travel and Tourism Office. Find out which states foreign visitors love to visit most; the state that holds the number one spot won’t surprise you at all, but there are definitely a few in the top 10 that will…here’s the list:

10. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to the three rivers in Pittsburgh and the city of brotherly love, otherwise known as Philadelphia. The latter features the stairs that Rocky Balboa once ran up and also plays host to the Liberty Bell and the culinary delight known as a Philly cheese steak sandwich, both staples of the city that people love whether they are foreign visitors or locals for that matter. What also makes Pennsylvania highly visited is the shopping, although that’s thanks to a lot of Canadians from just north of the boarder.

Those that visit Pennsylvania will find that they run into a lot of German people, because of any nationality, no group of people is more prevalent in the state than Germans. They represent 28.5% of the immigrant population there. Pennsylvania also borders six other states including New York, which makes it easier for foreign travelers to experience different parts of the eastern United States in close proximity to one another. The state itself is also rich in its political history and monuments, so there’s a lot you can see and do when you visit. It’s certainly not the largest state in the country but one of the most popular and populated. Pennsylvania is definitely worth the trip.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania
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