The Best Things To See and Do In Salt Lake City

The Best Things To See and Do In Salt Lake City

Utah Salt Lake City – the capital city of Utah is well-known for Great Salt Lake and the otherworldly Salt Flats. But there is much more going on in Utah’s most populous city. It’s also the home of the founding church of the Mormons – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and many other interesting and wonderful things.This bustling urban metropolis offers a stress-free life, very low cost of living and is surrounding by natural beauty, making this an exciting, picturesque vacation destination. You can take guided tours, research your genealogy, visit Great Salt Lake, stay at a Dude Ranch, enjoy the outdoors, visit Temple Square, the Museum of Fine Arts, or revel in the splendor of Gilgal Sculpture Gardens. It’s like another world right in the middle of the state of Utah.

10. Discover Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium is a fairly new institution in Salt Lake City replacing the Hansen Planetarium in 2003. It features the Hansen Dome Theater, a digital state of the art dome theater with interactive seat button controls, and a super high definition 3-D movie experience (more than you can ever experience in a regular theater and without the need for 3-D glasses), ATK IMAX Theater featuring science and nature themed movies in the daytime and Hollywood movies in the evenings on a certified big screen and numerous free exhibits covering over 10,000 square feet.

Exhibits include a computer animation globe called Science on a Sphere, an audio-kinetic sculpture known as Newton’s Daydream, a Foucault pendulum, meteorites, a globe of the Earth, telescope displays and much more. It is one of the few places to see a real moon rock sample taken from the Apollo 15 mission. Many new exhibits are added regularly, so a visit here never gets old.

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