Underrated Escapes: 11 Beautiful Places in Central America

Underrated Escapes: 11 Beautiful Places in Central America

Planning a trip to Central America and unsure where to visit?  Spanning so many different countries, Central America is brimming with diversity, beauty, and history.  From seaside beach escapes to breathtaking ancient ruins and bustling cities to sleepy villages, this list of 12 most beautiful places in Central America will highlight some of the underrated and off the beaten path spots that should make your list when planning your next trip.

1. Flores, Guatemala

Flores is an island on Lago Petén Itzá that is connected to Santa Elena on the mainland by a narrow causeway.  There are so many reasons to visit this picturesque island – from its safe and relaxed small town vibe with narrow cobblestone streets and colonial buildings to its proximity to the ruins of Tikal and Ixpanpajul National Park, this would definitely make a unique addition to your Central American itinerary.  Hang out and people watch in the town square, walk around the island (which will only take about 30 minutes), walk across the causeway to visit the bustling Santa Elena market, check out Las Guacamayas Biological Station, head to the west side of the island to grab a boat ride, or check out the nearby National Parks to visit their ruins. However you spend it, you’re time in Flores will be memorable.

Flores, Guatemala
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