Underrated Escapes: The 8 Most Beautiful Places in the Mediterranean

Underrated Escapes: The 8 Most Beautiful Places in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean spans a huge swath of the world and is so crammed with beautiful hotspots that it can be overwhelming to plan a trip.  Let’s step aside for a moment from the traditional destinations and focus on the overlooked and underrated escapes that will help you discover and explore the beauty of the Mediterranean while avoiding the main tourist traps.  Beaches, delicious food, exhilarating adventures, and relaxing getaways await, and you will come home with memories of a unique experience that will last a lifetime.

8. Tarifa, Spain

If you are an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for water sports, head to Tarifa, Spain. Located on the southern tip of Spain, a mere 13 kilometers away from northern Africa, this fantastic place can attribute its reputation as a Mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing to the constantly blowing winds. Laid back and relaxed, this town will feel like home. New to windsurfing and kitesurfing? Grab a lesson at Tantrum Kitesurf, Tarifa Air Force, or Rebels Tarifa Kitesurfing, then show off your new moves at the beautiful Playa de Bolonia. Refuel and recover by enjoying barbecue at Asador El Caseron or grab some tapas at La Jara La Cana Perfecta or La Burla.  Diving enthusiasts can explore the crystal clear water and underwater attractions with Yellow Submarine or new divers can become certified while checking out some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. Sick of the waves?  Head just outside Tarifa to the Archaeological Ensemble of Baelo Claudia to visit some remarkable ruins.

Kitesurfing Tarifa, Spain

7. Cadiz, Spain

One of the oldest cities in Western Europe, the city of Cadiz is a beautiful gem in the Mediterranean. Founded by Phoenician sailors about 3000 years ago, the rich history of the city is present in every twist and turn of the old city. Check out the stone walls and forts around the old town, visit the Cathedral, and climb the North Tower to take in views of the entire city. Try to plan your trip to catch Carnaval in Cadiz, which usually happens in February, for some incredible costumes, singing, dancing, and food. Rent a bike and pedal your way around town, stroll around Park Genoves, grab a surf lesson, or simply enjoy a day at the beach at Playa Victoria. Make the most of the beach side destination by enjoying the fresh seafood. If you are budget conscious, head to Calle Zorilla or Calle de la Palma for streets that feature plenty of affordable dining options, or go all out at Restaurante El Faro.

Cadiz, Spain
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