The 10 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in Italy Cathedral OF SYRACUSE (Siracusa) Sicily, Italy

The 10 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in Italy

Italy is renowned as one of the most attractive countries in the world; who doesn’t love high quality coffee and food, artistic masterpieces, and top-of-the-line shopping? We all know that we can find these things in the famous cities of Rome, Florence, and Milan, but with all their popularity among tourists, these locations can get pretty crowded and sometimes even lose some charm. Why not skip the crowds of people dripping with sweat and rushing past you to get into one of the main tourist attractions and enjoy the virtues of Italy off of the beaten track. Get to know another side of what Italy has to offer and you may be surprised to find that the highlights of Italy, and perhaps some of the most memorable moments of travel you have experienced to-date will show up in these beautiful but underrated cities listed below.

10. Altamura

Come over to Altamura for some famous bread and perhaps even a stay in a cave hotel! This is a great place to get lost and explore dynamic and historic territory. Among the most characteristic features of Altamura are its monuments, such as the Romanesque Cathedral. This picturesque Cathedral features ancient medieval walls once used as tombs adjacent to a variety of interesting tumuli (gravestones). The megalithic walls of Altamura are essential features of the area and also responsible for the city’s name, built in 500 B.C, and offering an incredible sight. Altamura has also proved to be an illustrious place for fossils, some dating the presence of human settlement around 400,000 B.C.

Duomo Cathedral of Altamura. Puglia. Italy
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