Underrated Escapes: 8 Reasons to visit Kuching, Malaysia

Underrated Escapes: 8 Reasons to visit Kuching, Malaysia

In Malaysian Borneo’s state of Sarawak, the capital city of Kuching is a fascinating melting pot of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian cultures.  Kuching is an amazing balance of big and small – big enough to offer mouthwatering food, bustling streets and plenty of attractions that will keep your itinerary jam packed, but small enough to feel safe, friendly, and allow the luxury of walking to your destinations while soaking up the sun.  This unique mix that brings you amenities of a big city while keeping the small town vibe should put Kuching, Malaysia at the top of your travel bucket list.  Because Kuching isn’t on the mainland of peninsular Malaysia, many people mistakenly write it off because of the extra step needed to get there, but trust us when we say that it is 100% worth the trip.  Smaller crowds, sunny skies, and hidden gems are only a few of the many reasons why Kuching is a definite underrated escape:

City Overview and History

The city of Kuching can be found on the Sarawak River in the state of Sarawak in northwest Borneo and boasts a population of over 600 000 people.  The city prides itself on being the most diverse in Malaysia and you will hear, see, and experience that diversity in the languages, people, and cuisine.

The city has a fascinating past – 200 years ago, Sarawak was part of Brunei, but was awarded to British James Brooke for squashing a rebellion.  Kuching became his headquarters, and his administration was placed behind the Indian Rajs and Princes. The Brooke family ruled the state until Japanese occupation in 1941, who then ruled until the end of World War II when Sarawak was ceded to the British Crown, who didn’t give Sarawak independence until 1963.  This convoluted and tumultuous past makes the city of Kuching a place for discovery and learning about this rich history.  When you have had enough history and need to get out of the city, the ocean and surrounding National Parks offer a great home base to explore the jungle and seas nearby.

Kuching riverside esplanade Sarawak, Malaysia
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