Top 5 Heart Racing Activities in Niagara Falls

Top 5 Heart Racing Activities in Niagara Falls

With so many fun parks, splash pads and cartoon characters, most people tend to think of Niagara Falls as a strictly family-oriented vacation spot. We believe however that the falls really does have something for everyone…including those looking for a thrill. So hold onto your hats because in this article you’ll find the run-down of the best activities for those looking for action and adventure in Niagara.

5. Fly over the Falls

Anyone can stand at the edge and check out the falls from the typical angle, but how about taking things arial with a birds eye view of the falls? Niagara Helicopters offers flights over the falls every 15 minutes in their 6-seat helicopters starting from the Whirlpool area of the Niagara River and passing over both the American and Canadian Falls. National Helicopters also offers tours over the falls and specializes in more personal comprehensive packages.Either choice will give you the perfect way to combine adventure and spectacular views.

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