Top 10 Attractions in Shanghai

Top 10 Attractions in Shanghai

It’s the lively cosmopolitan atmosphere alongside the rich and abundant Chinese culture that solidifies Shanghai as the “Paris of the East”. Modern and ancient blend quite naturally among weaving gardens with ancient pagodas and towering skyscrapers. It’s this seamless blend of old world and modern bustle that make Shanghai one of the world’s most beautiful and entertaining cities.

Here are the top 10 attractions to see in Shanghai…

1. Yu Garden & Bazaar

Get lost in the virtual fairytale that is Yu Garden area, a traditional Chinese garden with curved eaves, tile lanes, hidden alleys and the lovely Huxingting Tea House with its charming Blue Willow china pattern.

Yu Garden & Bazaar

2. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe

Watch in wonder as the world-famous acrobatic troupe wows you with their rolls, balancing tricks, contortions, and juggling feats.  You can catch the two hour show nightly at the renowned Shanghai Center Theater.

Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe
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