8 Things to See and Do in Estonia

8 Things to See and Do in Estonia

Lonely Planet’s 2016 Best of Travel has included the country of Estonia and it’s not hard to see why. Its uniqueness is what sets it apart, although sharing a similar geography and history with Latvia, it’s cultural worlds away. The sparsely populated countryside is drawing visitors from all over the globe to explore its medieval towns, swathes of forests, beautiful national parks, sandy white beaches and incredible museums and galleries. Discover 8 things to see and do in this hot new tourist destination.

8. Visit the Alatskivi Castle

This castle originally dates back to the 16th century and was rebuilt between 1876-1885 by Baron von Nolcken, who was inspired by the royal residence of Balmoral in Scotland. The building is thought to be one of the most beautiful neo-gothic manor houses in the Baltics with its protruding towers with cone-shaped roofs. The surrounding estate encompasses 130 hectares of parkland which is open to the public, filled with oaks, ashes, maples, and alders.

This tourist site boasts a visitors center which gives an overview of the castle and its renovation along with a nature center, museum, and a great restaurant. Visitors will be privy to tour guide services, hiking trails and heritage guides to keep you informed about the surrounding area. Tours take about an hour and opening hours vary, depending on the season.

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