The West Coast: What They’re Known For and Why You Should See It

The West Coast: What They’re Known For and Why You Should See It

California, Oregon and Washington State – they’re all about the beautiful sights and the good times. Landscapes that are like nowhere else, and range tremendously, from the very southern portion of the U.S. border, to the very northern tip where we meet with Canada. Each of which is absolutely worth seeing. Landscapes don’t gain reputation without merit, and the West Coast is no different. From beaches, to foggy coves, to buildings that are worth a sight all on their own (even though they’re man’s addition, not all natural), they’re all worth a visit throughout one’s lifetime. Here are some of the most beautiful sights along the West Coast:

5. SoCal (AKA Southern California)

When you hear about this Western state, it’s often the go-to thought. California = southern California for so many tourists. Where the beaches are plentiful, sunshine is on the regular, and it almost never rains. In fact, when it does, it’s something to be talked about – locals are ill-prepared and out of their element. A fact that is more than enticing to any visitors. It’s not just the weather bringing in visitors, it’s the sights. Water is blue and green – clear and in places, quite calm. While waves help bring in surfers and wake boarders alike. (And if you’re not into these sports, they’re certainly worth watching.) Other SoCal sights include topography, like steep hills and trees, tropical plants, and simply walking along the beach. Here visitors can see for miles on end in multiple directions, like the beach, the ocean, and other happy folks who are excited to see the beautiful outdoors. (For anyone who loves people watching.) And of course, there are plenty of man made items worth seeing as well, including some world-famous landmarks.

Southern California

4. The Redwood Forest

You haven’t seen big trees until you’ve visited these incredible trees. Huge in both width and height, they’re breathtakingly large. In fact, travelers come from hours, if not days, away in order to see this famous forest. Those who enjoy hiking can make their way through the hills and see what all the landscape can provide its visitors (that is, if you can take your eyes away from up), while others can view these trees from afar. Known for their age and beauty alike, it’s a trip that’s definitely worth taking. Oh, and don’t forget to get a “inside the tree” photo – they might be overdone, but they’re just that impressive. You won’t want to miss out on the experience, after all.

The Redwood Forest
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