The Top 10 Hotels Pools in Orlando Photo by: Waldorf Astoria Orlando

The Top 10 Hotels Pools in Orlando

It is easy for any hotel to dig a hole, fill it with water and charge extra because they now offer a pool. What is hard is creating such an incredible pool that people actually come and stay just for that experience. The following 10 hotels have done just that, created amazing pools and water spaces that have guests coming back for more. From lazy rivers to water slides to private cabanas to live shows; don’t miss out on these top 10 hotel pools in Orlando.

10. Orlando World Center Marriott

This complex of outdoor pools is located just a short drive from Disney World and has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation making it one of the best pools in Orlando. The main pool is the Falls Pool, located outdoors and features waterfalls throughout, along with a palm tree lining. The newest addition to this pool is a 90-foot-long “drop” slide and a pair of 200-foot-long curvy slides, some of the best hotel waterslides in the world, all reached by a 104 foot slide tower. These slides aren’t just for children and more often than not, more adults are in line than kids! A poolside bar that can seat 180, a zero-entry children’s pool with a ton of activities and a mermaid academy are just a few of the things offered at this unique pool.

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