The Strangest Foods You Can Find in New York City Photo by: Serendipity 3

The Strangest Foods You Can Find in New York City

We’re taught pretty early on that some things are okay to eat and others—not so much. It takes a particular kind of person to look at some of the things deemed “untouchable” and say, “I wonder what that tastes like?” It takes even more for someone to decide to use a verboten ingredient in gourmet cooking—but that hasn’t stopped some of the chefs in New York City from including some pretty strange items on their menus. Here are eight of the strangest foods you can find (and try!) in the Big Apple.

8. Chapulines Taco

While it might seem strange to North Americans, there are plenty of places around the world where it’s not unusual to find insects on the menu; they’re a source of cheap protein and much more eco-friendly than cattle. Nonetheless, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world to find a restaurant serving up bugs: Toloache, a traditional Mexican restaurant in NYC, uses grasshoppers in its chapulines tacos. Patrons say you won’t even notice the flavor; the insects add a distinct crunch to the dish, but not much more. With chef Julian Medina behind the scenes at Toloache and inspired by traditional Mexican homecooking, you know that even if the chapulines tacos are strange, they’ll still be tasty. At one time, Antojeria La Popular offered a cricket taco, but that restaurant has now closed.

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