The 5 Safest Cities For Women To Travel Alone in Spain

The 5 Safest Cities For Women To Travel Alone in Spain

The exotic country of Spain is loaded with World Heritage Sites, friendly locals, delicious cuisine, great wine, world-famous festivals and more. This country can be a little overwhelming for solo female travelers though. There have been and continue to be warning about pickpocketing, car thefts, and scams throughout the larger cities. As a female traveler in this country it then makes sense to travel in the smaller and less known cities, and whether you are looking for beaches, parks or museums to explore, you can find them in these five safe cities in Spain.

5. Vitoria-Gasteiz

This city has a habit of falling off the radar for most travelers and yet it’s actually the capital of the entire Basque Country. It’s one of the safest areas in Spain to travel, which in turn makes it safe for female solo travelers. Visitors here will be pleasantly surprised to find an impressive art gallery whose contents surpass those of the more famous Bilbao galleries, a friendly local population, a great mix of bars and restaurants and a delightful old quarter to explore.

Summertime is the best time to head here as the weather is quite mild and the city is walk and bicycle friendly. It is important to know that English is not widely spoken here so having a translation book or app is handy. Shopping, festivals, sports and your choice of accommodation await females in this ever safe, quaint city that begs to be explored.

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