The Disney World Dilemma: Should You Stay On or Offsite?


2. The Food Question

A big benefit of staying offsite is that you can easily find accommodations that have a kitchen. Having the flexibility to make your own meals can be a savior -both from a convenience and from a cost standpoint. Even if you are planning on eating out for many meals, having the option to throw together a cheap, quick breakfast can save a significant amount over the duration of your stay. However, if being on vacation means leaving all of your household duties at home, staying onsite at Disney may appeal to you more. Disney World hotel guests can purchase a dining plan that can be utilized at over 100 different restaurants within the theme parks themselves and at different hotels. The dining plans offer choice, depending on your budget, from quick-service (i.e. counter food and fast food) to deluxe dining. Some character dinners are included as well. Onsite guests are not required to purchase a dining plan, and are free to dine a la carte wherever they’d like. There are varying schools of thought on which provides more value; it depends on how much and what kind of dining you’d usually do.

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