The Chicago Area’s 10 Best Museums

The Chicago Area’s 10 Best Museums

Chicago is a world-class city, home to great food, architecture, sports and music. One of Chicago’s finest attributes, however, is its wide selection of museums and other cultural institutions, among the best in the world. Museums are great places to learn about art, culture and history first-hand, and can often feel like you’re stepping back into time to experience the things that interest you most. Museums often have a reputation for being “boring”, but Chicago’s best offerings will keep you busy and engaged for days. Whether outer space, ocean life, indigenous cultures or fine art, Chicago’s museums have it all.

10. Children’s Museum

Hidden within one of Chicago’s most well known attractions, Navy Pier, is a lesser known gem of a museum: Chicago Children’s Museum. Ban the iPads and gaming devices and take the kids here for a day of imagination and exploration. There’s the tinkering lab, a giant workshop with all the building materials and tools needed to create whatever your kids dream up. Next stop is the dinosaur expedition exhibit, where your child’s inner paleontologist can get hands-on experience, digging for bones in a recreated dig site. For the younger tykes, try the treehouse trails exhibit, a forest-like setting where they can climb around and imagine they’re in the woods (minus the bug bites). Unlike most museums, the Children’s Museum is all hands-on, so please do touch!

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