The Best Paris Neighbourhoods To Visit

The Best Paris Neighbourhoods To Visit

We’ve all heard them. The “It’s never a bad time to visit Paris”’s, or the “I found love in Paris”’s, or “J’adore Paris”’s. Visit Paris just once and you will believe a million times over all the monikers found on the blogs and the knick-knacks. But visiting Paris as a tourist, seeing sight after sight- like the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre- can get very overwhelming and exhausting. So take a break from the lines and spend time exploring Paris’ nitty-gritty- you will discover what makes Paris a world class destination time and time again.

10. Montmartre/ Pigalle

This is the night life district of Paris. Home to the clubs, cabarets and bars of Paris, this quarter is where the famous Moulin Rouge bar is found- although it is more of a tourist destination than anything. If you want a real Parisian night on the town, opt for one of the local cabarets or clubs instead; if you can get in, be sure to make your way to a dance floor- it is an oddly satisfying feeling joined all the locals, dancing their night away. Montmartre is the hill on which sits the beautiful Sacré Coeur church; here you can be sure to get one of the best views of all of Paris. The streets running around the church is considered the artist quarter of Paris, although today it is mostly commercial and geared for tourists. You won’t find much local here anymore, but it is still worth a walk through for the atmosphere alone.

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