The 9 Driest Places in the World

The 9 Driest Places in the World

With floods and record rainfalls throughout the world in the past few years, thanks to El Nino, it seems like everyone has been talking about the wettest places on earth, but what about the driest? There are numerous places all over our world that receive less than an inch of rainfall annually and even some that haven’t seen rain in years. Whether you want to explore these because you are an adventurer or just want to read about them, here are the nine driest places on the planet.

9. Aoulef, Algeria

This small town located in the country of Algeria and is covered all around with miles of desert. The hot winds from the surrounding deserts make it the hottest and driest place in the country. Receiving less than 12.19mm of rain per year, it is hard to get any relief from the scorching heat.

Thank goodness this town is home to palm trees that provide refuge from the desert heat. Daily average temperatures during the long summers are about 50 degrees Celsius and the sky is nearly always clear throughout the year.

8. Pelican Point, Namibia

This tiny jetty in the sand-dune filled African country of Namibia comes as a surprise to many who learn that indeed it is one of the driest places on earth. Because Pelican Point also happens to be an incredible surfing spot. Pelican Point only receives about 8.13mm of rain annually, but that doesn’t deter surfers who come to catch big waves here.

It seldom gets very hot or very cold here and features the very rare mild variation of the arid climate, due to the cold offshore currents near the bay.

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