The 8 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities In England

The 8 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities In England

Ask any North American to name the first city in England they can think of and we’ll bet they say London more times than not. The city capital has more than it’s fair share of iconic landmarks and places of historical importance but it seems to steal the thunder from other English cities and towns that are equally worthy of your travel time. England is rich with many other wonderful destinations that tend to fly under the radar of the average tourist. Traveling to a slightly more obscure city can be as great of an experience as hitting the bustling metropolis of the capital. Here are eight of our favorite underrated English towns:

8. Pluckley

This quaint village in Kent has a few notable reasons why one should spend some time here. First, anyone who’s into the supernatural would be intrigued to know that Pluckley once held the title of ‘Most haunted village in the UK’ even having this fact recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. The reason? Reportedly 12 different ghost have been said to haunt various places throughout town, with the tales ranging from a headless horseman to a ghost who would ambush people on the highway. Another claim to fame is that the popular British TV series ‘The Darling Buds of May’ featuring Catherine Zeta Jones was filmed in the village in the late 1990’s. Many places around town still have photos up of when the filming took place.

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