The 8 Cheapest Winter Vacations for 2015/2016

The 8 Cheapest Winter Vacations for 2015/2016

Make no mistake -winter is coming. While some of us are still hanging on to our pumpkin spice lattes and savoring the last days of fall, ignoring the approaching colder weather, others are already daydreaming about how they’re going to escape the snow. Although lots of vacations are expensive and costs can be prohibitive for some, most of us can escape to a sunshine destination this winter. If you’re looking to travel on a budget, keep these 8 locales on your hit list.

8. Cuba

Cuba has long been a fairly inexpensive vacation spot for Canadians and Americans willing to risk not being able to get back into their country. Although U.S. relations with Cuba have been improving, travel restrictions for tourism are still in place. For Canadians and others, Cuba remains an inexpensive Caribbean option. Havana is the place to go for the most culture, although other popular spots include Manazillo de Cuba and Varadero. Round-trip flights can be as low as $400 CAD, and hotels start at $66 CAD per night. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive option, things get even more affordable: a 7-night package deal, including all taxes and fees, starts around $500 CAD for 2 people. As of September 2015, Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba for purposes such as education or humanitarian projects, such as offering assistance to the Cuban people.

Cuba Beach
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