The 8 Best European Winter Getaways

The 8 Best European Winter Getaways

Some people actually prefer snow (as hard as that is to believe), yet the majority of winter dwellers crave a warm weather adventure to restore their bounce for life. Out in the big world are opportunities for everyone to experience life according to their own wish list. It could be skiing in the awesome Alps of Switzerland, laying on a white sand beach in the Mediterranean, or sipping coffee on a terrace in Italy. Whether you are seeking warm or cold weather getaways to escape the work cubicle, we have it covered. Time to de-stress and bring out the inner child. Take advantage of inexpensive locations to hook up with your fantasy trip. Everybody has one. The low tourism season always means low rates, so no reason to deny yourself a holiday. With so many global places eligible as vacation destinations, we went in blind to come up with our favorites for a top ten list, and here they are:

8. Andalucia, Spain

Andalucia is the ‘mother’ of Spanish folklore. It is the place where you get to live the magic of the authentic bullfighting and of Flamenco. This Spanish destination offers golden sand beaches and high ethereal mountain ranges while whisking the imagination to the days of Don Juan and Carmen, who were both born here. Andalucia is crossed by the great Guadalquivir River with an engaging history. It’s the friendly locals, the variety of landscapes, and interesting fauna which keeps travelers returning again and again. Seville, the Andalucia Capital, is one of the most beloved places by visitors due to its overall ambience and incredible landmarks.  The sky touching cathedral, Torre Del Oro, and the old district Barrio Santa Cruz are only a few of many must see places in Seville. Costa De Sol beckons with its fine sand beaches made popular by tourists. The Mediterranean coast revels in smooth climates, great food and entertaining culture. For sport enthusiasts, Andalucia embraces everything from skiing in the Sierra Nevada to surfing in Tarifa and always in the most ideal conditions.

Andalucia, Spain
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