The 7 Safest Cities For Women to Travel Alone in Europe

The 7 Safest Cities For Women to Travel Alone in Europe

There has never been a better time than now to be a solo female traveler looking to explore Europe. Cities are becoming safer, female friendly hotels are popping up and it is getting easier to meet other solo female travelers around the world. Europe is blessed with cities that make it easy for female travelers to feel safe and offer a slew of attractions that appeal to all. Discover the all-female floor in the Grand Hotel in Norway, stroll through the fairy tale streets of Bruges and get outdoors in Iceland at these 7 safe cities for female solo travelers.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark is a vibrant and colorful city, which still manages to maintain a small town feeling. New meets old in this fairy tale like city that features ancient buildings and towering glass and steel skyscrapers. Many of the state-run museums in this city are free admission, making it easy to save on spending and you can’t miss out on visiting the world’s oldest amusement park- Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park. This city offers a unique experience that is perfect for female solo travelers called ‘Meet the Danes.’ This service arranges home-dinners with a Danish family or a single woman and her friend. Expect a traditional Danish meal and plenty of conversation with your new-found friends. Don’t miss the goddess Gefjun fountain that depicts the mythology of Denmark’s creation and magic within Norse religion.

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