The 7 Most Beautiful Views in Spain


5. Toledo

According to an old Spanish saying, until you have seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain. One of the best ways to see this city is from above and there is no shortage of viewpoints here. Head to the Mirador del Valle located across the river Tagus that lends traditional views of the city as often portrayed. The medieval castle of Mirador del Castillo de San Servando offers a different view of the Old Historic Toledo with both the river and the bridge Alcantara in the background. The ancient defensive tower turned into public park of Torreon del Puenta de San Martin offers views of the old quarter of San Martin and the bridge over the river Tagus. The cities’ two fortified footbridges can be reached from one another in just an hour and views across the gorge are simply stunning.

Toledo Spain

4. Ronda

Ronda sits in the heart of the Serrania de Ronda, about 100 kilometers from the city of Malaga and is surrounded by lush river valleys. It sits above a deep ravine and offers some of the most spectacular views in all of Spain. Visitors here will want to make sure to head to the El Tajo gorge for the best views of all. The Puente Nuevo bridge was completed in 1793, after 42 years of buildings and joins the old Moorish town and the newer El Mercadillo parts of the city. It also happens to offer unforgettable views over the El Tajo gorge. Another place to take in views of the gorge is the Parador Hotel, which sits adjacent to the bridge. Visitors who take the time to walk down into the gorge along the Camino de los Molinos will have the greatest of views though and visit in the spring when the whole valley floor is awash with flowers.

Ronda Spain
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