The 7 Most Beautiful Views in Spain

Spain at times can be absolutely overwhelming, offering a ton of different landscapes, activities and cities to explore. What makes traveling here that much easier and more rewarding are the incredible views, the ones that make you stand back, take a breath and say “ahhhhhh”, along with snapping about a hundred photos. Some of these views are well known; and therefore crawling with tourists but still 100 % worth it, while others are off the beaten path, but they all have one thing in common- these are the seven most beautiful views in all of Spain.

7. Mirador del Río, Lanzarote

Mirador del Rio is a viewpoint, situated on a 475-meter escarpment called Bateria del Rio and offers one of the most spectacular views in the Canary Islands. Located in the very north of the island, in former times guards watched for secretly landing ships in the strait of Rio. For visitors who come here for the view, they won’t be disappointed. It lends one of the most spectacular views of all of Lanzarote, looking out over the Archipelago Chinijo Natural Reserve, the island of La Graciosa, the oldest salt mines of the island and the Famara Cliff. This architectural creation consists of a café, souvenir shop and two vaulted rooms that give visitors the views. The building is much hidden into the lava rock and is open daily from 10:00am- 6:00pm.

Mirador del Río, Lanzarote

6. Mount Teide, Tenerife

Mount Teide has many claims to fame, including its summit, which is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. It only takes eight minutes to reach the top of this volcano via cable car and during that eight minutes riders will have absolutely spectacular views. Travel from November to March and be treated to snow covered peaks and glistening snow. The top station of the cable car is where you can buy a drink, enjoy the sweeping views and take plenty of photos. If you want to reach the actual summit of this volcano ensure you have obtained a free permit before hand. If you really want to take in the views that this volcano offers, tackle it by foot, a grueling five-hour trek that takes you through some spectacular landscapes.

Mount Teide, Tenerife

5. Toledo

According to an old Spanish saying, until you have seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain. One of the best ways to see this city is from above and there is no shortage of viewpoints here. Head to the Mirador del Valle located across the river Tagus that lends traditional views of the city as often portrayed. The medieval castle of Mirador del Castillo de San Servando offers a different view of the Old Historic Toledo with both the river and the bridge Alcantara in the background. The ancient defensive tower turned into public park of Torreon del Puenta de San Martin offers views of the old quarter of San Martin and the bridge over the river Tagus. The cities’ two fortified footbridges can be reached from one another in just an hour and views across the gorge are simply stunning.

Toledo Spain

4. Ronda

Ronda sits in the heart of the Serrania de Ronda, about 100 kilometers from the city of Malaga and is surrounded by lush river valleys. It sits above a deep ravine and offers some of the most spectacular views in all of Spain. Visitors here will want to make sure to head to the El Tajo gorge for the best views of all. The Puente Nuevo bridge was completed in 1793, after 42 years of buildings and joins the old Moorish town and the newer El Mercadillo parts of the city. It also happens to offer unforgettable views over the El Tajo gorge. Another place to take in views of the gorge is the Parador Hotel, which sits adjacent to the bridge. Visitors who take the time to walk down into the gorge along the Camino de los Molinos will have the greatest of views though and visit in the spring when the whole valley floor is awash with flowers.

Ronda Spain

3. Picos de Europa Mountains

It is hard to narrow down the best view in the Picos de Europa Mountains, mainly because these jagged, deeply fissured mountains offer some of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Spain. The Picos de Europa area was the first National Park to be created in Spain at the start of the 20th century and walking through it proves to give visitors the best of views. There are a great variety of walks to choose from whether you are looking for an easy stroll or a challenging hike. The most famous route in the area is La Ruta del Cares, which follows the deep Cares gorge for 12km through the center of the mountain range. Spectacular scenery, awe-inspiring views and an interesting history make this hike well worth it. Also worth checking out is the ascent to Enol Kale and Ercina Lake in the mountains near Covadonga as t is considered to have some of the best views of the Picos.

Picos de Europa Mountains

2. Mirador de San Nicolás, Granada

Without a doubt if you want the best view in Granada you will head to the Mirador de San Nicolas. In fact it would be a travesty if you traveled here and didn’t see this view. One can expect to see the Alhambra palace, the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Don’t expect to have this place to yourself though, it is a very popular tourist attraction, as well as locals who come up here to sing, play music and sell their wares. Sunset is the absolute best time to be up here, alas you should come at least an hour early to snap a good spot as this is the busiest time of the day. Choose to walk or take one of the tiny rickety buses up, either way this is one view you won’t want to miss out on.

Mirador de San Nicolás, Granada

1. Santa María de Montserrat, Montserrat

Located about 45 kilometers northwest of Barcelona this mountain Montserrat with the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat is not only a grand site from afar but offers an exceptional view from the top. The monetary is Catalonia’s most religious retreat and groups of young people from all over make overnight hikes at least once in their lifetime to watch the sunrise from the heights of Montserrat. Get here from Barcelona by train and cable car, with the cable car offering outstanding views along the way. Once at the site you will be exploring by foot and don’t miss hiking to the highest point, Sant Jeroni where almost all of Catalonia can be seen from above, Make sure to pick up a map from the information desk and hike around the peaks for the best views in all of Spain.

Santa María de Montserrat, Montserrat