The 7 Most Beautiful Views In France


3. Le Mont Saint-Michel

It is one of France’s most recognizable landmarks, an island commune in Normandy that held strategic fortifications since ancient times, and has been the seat of the monastery since the 8th century AD. The abbey and monastery sit on top in a gravity-defying move while the great halls, stores and housing all fall below it. Visiting here shouldn’t be missed for a couple reasons. One is the view from the top out into the bay; on a sunny day visitors can see for miles and miles. Make sure to look down at the surrounding village while you are up there. The second view though is actually from afar, like many iconic buildings this Norman abbey is perhaps even more beautiful from a distance. At the turn of the 20th century a French politician even went for far as to call the seaside route by Champeaux, between Avraches and Granville, the “most beautiful kilometer in France”. Head to this vantage point on the northeastern coast of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay for a view that makes this look like a castle adrift in the sea.

Le Mont Saint-Michel France
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