The 7 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in France


5. Dijon

Yes we all have heard of this town, if only in reference to Dijon mustard but this former capital city of Burgundy offers visitors a lot more than that yellowish brown condiment. The city was once under the powerful and notorious Dukes and the Ducal Palace is certainly a sight to see, a collection of buildings all gold with painted ceilings, pomp and circumstance. The whole city is actually full of medieval and renaissance style buildings, making it one of the most appealing towns in the country. Dijon ranks high on the list in terms of fine wine, shopping and exceptional food. There are plenty of excellent accommodations, wine tours and streets to walk through. One thing is for certain when you visit this city, you certainly won’t be thirsty.


4. Lyon

Although it is France’s second largest city, it often loses out as a destination with visitors who use it as just an airport city. In fact this gracious historic city was once an important Roman settlement with a gastronomic reputation, second only to Paris. The historic quarter where visitors can wander the streets through 16th century secret passageways is not to be missed and is loaded with antique shops and bookstores. The range of museums to be visited here is truly unbelievable and visitors can even watch the first film ever made. One of the best times to visit this city is in December when the Festival of Lights takes place. The facades of buildings are covered in thousands of twinkling lights and are known throughout France for being one of the best. The real draw here for tourists should be the food, and throughout the city expect some of the best hearty meals you have ever had.

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