The 7 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in France

The 7 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in France

Utter the word ‘France’ and everyone immediately thinks of Paris and although we aren’t downplaying the importance of the city and how grand it is, we do happen to think there is more than just one city to visit in France. In fact this country is loaded with beautiful medieval cities bursting with culture, art and lively people. Whether you are looking for quiet accommodations, spectacular food or incredible architecture, here are seven of the most beautiful and underrated cities in France where you can find just that.

7. Le Puy-en-Velay

This cathedral town is not on the main tourist track, keeping its small town charm a secret, hidden in the heart of the volcanic Auvergne Region. It is a town of significant religious importance, the starting point for pilgrims originally in the Middle Ages and latterly since the year 2000. The Cathedral Notre-Dame is the main attraction here, standing high above the city, and reached by taking 134 steps to the steep road. The Cathedral stands at the center of a collection of preserved medieval buildings, galleries with polychrome arches and Roman architecture. Walking tours around the town are popular with visitors as they take in various sites including markets, shops, cafes and the main squares. There are a couple of quaint hotels to stay in as well as a handful of local restaurants that are always serving up fresh food with a local twist. If you happen to visit in September expect the citizens to be dressed up in period clothing and parades to happening throughout the streets to celebrate the Renaissance Festival of the Bird.

Le Puy-en-Velay
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