The 7 Best Wineries on Waiheke Island, NZ


5. Te Whau Vineyard

This out of the way vineyard is worth taking the extra effort to get to, especially considering the out of this world food and wine they offer. The views from the tasting room and restaurant are simply to die for as this vineyard is perched high up on a cliff, and owner Tony is one of the most passionate and energetic people you will meet. Reservations are highly recommended if you want to eat at the fabulous restaurant boasting fresh New Zealand/Pacific Rim cuisine. Guided tours of the winery are only available to larger groups and must be made in advance. Already an award-winning restaurant and winery, this hidden gem will not remain hidden for much longer.

4. Man O’ War Vineyards

There are only two ways to reach this incredible winery, the first is a half an hour drive on a dirt road through lush forests and hills, and the other is to arrive by boat. The tasting room here is the only beach-front cellar door location on Waiheke Island and tastings are complimentary. This is yet another family friendly winery with activities such as swingball and lawn cricket on-site. Sustainability is a key factor at this winery and is front and center, from the bar made of locally sourced wood to the tree perimeter that produces delicious honey. There is limited indoor seating here but they make up for it with their large lawn full of picnic tables right on the beach. One of the best things about this vineyard is their fabulous platters of food are to die for, so don’t leave without sharing at least one with new friends.

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