The 7 Best Wineries on Waiheke Island, NZ Photo by: Te Whau Vineyard Restaurant

The 7 Best Wineries on Waiheke Island, NZ

In the past two decades New Zealand’s Waiheke Island has gained recognition in terms of a top producing wine region. At less than 100 square kilometers, calling it a region may be far fetched but this island is literally blanketed in vineyards. So what is the secret in terms of producing some of the best wines in all of New Zealand? The subtropical marine climate, favorable soil structure and protective topography combined with incredible wine makers and enthusiasts have turned this island into a haven for lovers of all types of wine. Discover wineries that feature award-winning restaurants, incredible venues for weddings and some of the best glasses of wine you will ever taste. Here are the best 7 wineries to visit on this island.

7. Cable Bay Vineyards

Nn the last few years Cable Bay Vineyards  has skyrocketed to the top of the list of wineries to visit and dine at while on Waiheke Island. This is much in part due to the extensive transformation is has gone through. Visitors here have their choice of two-award winning restaurants on-site, the dining room which boasts floor to ceiling windows and incredible views or The Verandah. The Verandah is one of the most loved places in this vineyard, especially the outdoor lounge where a sunken garden sits under a huge canopy and bean bags are strewn across the lawn. Let’s not forget about the incredible wines this vineyard produces as well and visitors can sample them at the Cable Bay Cellar Door which is open daily from 11 am-5 pm and boasts views of the working winery through its full length windows.

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