The 7 Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul

The 7 Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul

Visiting Istanbul can’t be complete without visiting one authentic, historic hamam, or bathhouse. Steaming, bathing, and rejuvenating massages in one of Istanbul’s hamams is the one quintessential Turkish experience to have and an ancient amenity that has outlasted centuries of modernized social norms. The experience is easily customized, whether just for a soak, a steam, a massage, or all three. But perhaps the most notable aspect of this experience are the visuals, from massive marble slabs, to towering columns and intricate, colorful, artistic details. Don’t miss these seven note-worthy hamams while exploring Istanbul.

7. Cagaloglu Hamam

Istanbul’s Cagaloglu Hamam is undoubtedly the city’s most spectacular and most impressive hamam, favored by locals and drawing thousands of visitors each year. The sweeping arches and curved domes within the hamam’s gorgeous steam rooms are lavish and reveal some of the most ancient and enduring design models of the several centuries. Within the famously documented design are thousands of single tiles adorned in colorful tulips, adding depth to the already exquisite style. Cagaloglu Hamam was constructed in 1741, ordered by Sultan Mahmut I, and though originally only offered facilities for men (a long-standing tradition), today there are baths and a wide scope of services for both men and women within their own separate quarters. Treatments though, are not as long and lavish as one might hope: the basic washing, scrubbing, and range of massage treatments are fairly expensive considering they are pretty short.

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