The 7 Best Spots to Soak Up Some Sun in Italy


5. Chiaia di Luna

At Chiaia di Luna, there isn’t much room to lay out a huge beach blanket and lounge around. That’s because a huge cliff rises up straight from the beach, leaving a pretty narrow strip of sand that leads into the cool blue bay. What Chiaia di Luna lacks in roominess, though, it makes up for in sheer beauty — the sight of the pale, dramatic cliff looming above the unbelievably blue waters below is a sight you won’t soon forget. You’ll find this charming, unique beach on the island of Ponza, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off Italy’s central coast in between Rome and Naples. If you’re looking to escape the sun’s rays for a bit, try embarking on a diving expedition while on Ponza; the area is a diver’s delight.

Chiaia di Luna

4. Spiaggia delle due Sorelle

Is a beach without sand really a beach? After visiting Spiaggia delle due Sorelle, you’ll answer that question with a resounding “yes”! This unique beach off the coast of Sirolo, Italy, is actually made up of small smooth white pebbles, instead of sand. Walk along this beach to give yourself a foot message. When you take a dip in the incredibly clear water, make sure you turn around to look back at the beach — visitors claim that the best view of Spiaggia delle due Sorelle is the one from the ocean, since you get to see the dramatic whitewashed cliffs soaring above the pebble beach below. You can reach this one-of-a-kind Italian beach either by shuttle or by boat from Porto Numana.

Spiaggia delle due Sorelle
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