The 7 Best Spots to Soak Up Some Sun in Italy

The 7 Best Spots to Soak Up Some Sun in Italy

The country can claim The Mona Lisa, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and slurp-worthy spaghetti as its own, but Italy’s not only home to incredible art, architecture, and food — you can also find some of the world’s best beaches on Italy’s coasts. From the turquoise blue waters of the island of Capri to the excellent people watching along the beaches of the Italian Riviera, here are the top spots to soak up some sun on your next Italian getaway:

7. Cala Granara

So it takes a bit of commitment to get to Cala Granara, a picture-perfect beach on the shores of the tiny island of Spargi, part of the Maddalena Islands in the deep blue Sardinian Sea, but in this case, embarking on the journey is just as fun as relaxing at the destination. To get to the island, you’ll need to hire a small boat at La Maddelena to take you over to Spargi. The only thing better than relaxing on the sand of Cala Granara is relaxing on the boat that gets you there; the gentle rocking of the ocean’s waves beneath your boat just might lull you to sleep! Once on the island, you’ll want to wake up to take in the gorgeous scenery, including rocky outcroppings rising from the island, glass clear inlets of cool water, and unmatched vistas of wild, isolated Italian beauty.

Cala Granara
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