The 7 Best Cities to Buy Property in Europe

The 7 Best Cities to Buy Property in Europe

There is no better time than right now to purchase property in Europe, especially for foreign investors or retirees who are looking to snag a hot deal. Whether you are looking to settle down in an Irish cottage where waves crash against the dramatic cliffs or you’re looking to earn rental income in the heart of Turkey, now is the time to get into the European property market. From the North to the South, Europe is a hot spot for investors, retirees or anyone looking to grab that second home. Here are our top 7 choices for the best cities to buy property in Europe right now:

7. Istria, Croatia

Head to Southern Europe to the super affordable corner that is Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, where apartments and houses are cheap. Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea and offers two appealing retirement lifestyle options, whether you want to be on the coast or inland- where meadows, vineyards and olive groves are your backyard. The Romans invested in some of their best buildings here back in the day, as did the Venetians when they ruled. What that means for retirees here is a landscape full of fortresses, bell towers, and an architectural legacy.

Rovinj at sunset, Istra region, Croatia.
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