The 7 Best Cheap Eats in New York City


5. Northside Bakery

Northside Bakery is a European-style bake shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A division of Old Poland Foods, the bakery has been voted “Best European Bakery in New York” by various outlets. Their baked goods are all handmade, without preservatives, and the company is now looking at introducing a line of organic baked goods. They stock everything from baguettes to bagels to donuts, but you can also drop by for a lunch special. A cabbage roll will cost $2.50 (and be warned, these are decidedly filling). Other Polish specialties and daily soups round out the lunch menu; the buffet will set you back around $4. And after lunch, you can also grab a slice of cake or another treat to take home with you and enjoy later. All in all, Northside Bakery is a pretty sweet deal!

4. Lakruwana

You might not think that trekking out to Staten Island would yield much in the way of cheap eats, but you’d be wrong. Don’t believe it? Hop the ferry (which is free) to the island and check out Lakruwana, an artsy Sri Lankan restaurant serving up traditional dishes from the Indian Ocean island. Their weekend lunch buffets are a great deal; priced at $13.95, it might seem a touch dear, especially compared to some of the other entries here, but the value is great given the extensive menu. The restaurant also offers take-out, which is a great option if you happen to be on Staten Island anyway. And although most of the entrees are priced around $14, the portions are generous; if there are two people dining, you can likely pick one dish and split it—although it tastes so good, you may not want to share.

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