The 7 Best Cheap Eats in New York City Photo by: NY Times

The 7 Best Cheap Eats in New York City

The Big Apple can get pricey and with so many gourmet restaurants and notable chefs in the city, food sometimes doesn’t seem to come cheap either. It might seem like the only place to grab something for a reasonable price is at a big-name fast food joint—which is not the case at all. But eating out in the 5 boroughs doesn’t need to break the bank; in fact, there are some places where you can pick up delicious food at a price your pocketbook will love too.

7. Pizza

Okay, it might seem like a bit of a cheat to start off with something so generic—of course pizza can be cheap. Pizza can also be really expensive, especially in NYC. But since the city is one with such a rich Italian heritage, you just know that there have got to be a few great mom-and-pop style pizzerias, places where you can grab a slice (or a whole pie) for what amounts to pocket change. The Big Apple is full of shops like Joe’s Pizza and John’s Pizzeria, both in Greenwich Village and both highly regarded by locals. A classic New York slice will run you $2.75 at Joe’s—very reasonable considering Joe uses nothing but the best, including imported Italian mozzarella and tomatoes to make fresh sauce for the pies.

6. Taqueria Izucar

This place might as well be billed as “all you can eat tacos.” Tacos are just $1.25 a pop, and come stuffed with things like braised veal, pig stomach or stewed potatoes. Although the Taqueria itself is a counter-serve establishment, there is an attached Mexican restaurant where you can pause for a sit-down meal. For those on the go, however, Taqueria Izucar serves up good food at low prices and even has vegetarian options for those who prefer their food sans-carne. Open from 11 in the morning til 10 at night, this Brooklyn eatery is the perfect place to grab lunch during a busy workday, dinner after a long day at the office or even to grab a snack with some friends before heading out to the bar on a Friday night.

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