The 6 Scariest Haunted Houses in America


5. Bennett’s Curse -Baltimore, MD

You won’t find just one or two haunted attractions here; this 40,000 square foot space actually boasts FOUR haunted houses. First, walk through the Medieval Underworld, a journey takes you to the darkest and most disturbing world of the medieval abyss, complete with torture, dungeon cells and room after room of terrifying monsters. The Sanctuary of Insanity is the most disturbing of the houses, featuring an asylum with the most criminally insane patients, plush black hallways, a maze of prison cells and pulse-pounding music. Then there is the 3D haunted house, known as Inferno 3D, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves fully into one of the most feared places imaginable, the depths of hell. You will enter the circles of greed and violence and gluttony, while confronting monsters, demons and other hideous creatures along the way. Will you dare to walk through all of these haunted houses?

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