The 6 Scariest Haunted Houses in America

Halloween is quickly approaching and although many associate pumpkins, trick-or-treating and costume parties with the celebration, there are others who wait in anticipation for the incredible haunted houses. All over America companies have created the scariest haunted houses and attractions, promising to have you screaming in fear. Monsters, vampires, the depths of Hell, fog, real live snakes and more all await visitors who are brave enough to venture into the insane asylums, forests and abandoned warehouses. From North Carolina to Texas to California, discover the six scariest haunted houses in America. Just don’t blame us when you are so scared you can’t finish walking through them.

6. The Beast and The Edge of Hell -Kansas City, MO

It is one of the largest haunted houses in the country featuring elaborate sets, state of the art technology, a slew of talented actors and an open floor format. What this means is that monsters come at you from all directions, keeping you scared and jumping the entire time. Prepare to get lost in the fog, roam in the real life werewolf forest and try to find your way through the maze. Your heart may just stop on the exhilarating 4-story straight chute slide at the end. The Edge of Hell on the other hand is a converted five-story warehouse that offers old-fashioned high impact scare techniques including vampires, monsters and a real live 20-foot anaconda. These haunted houses are generally way too scary for anyone under the age of 10, or those who fear claustrophobia, snakes or are just downright wimps.

5. Bennett’s Curse -Baltimore, MD

You won’t find just one or two haunted attractions here; this 40,000 square foot space actually boasts FOUR haunted houses. First, walk through the Medieval Underworld, a journey takes you to the darkest and most disturbing world of the medieval abyss, complete with torture, dungeon cells and room after room of terrifying monsters. The Sanctuary of Insanity is the most disturbing of the houses, featuring an asylum with the most criminally insane patients, plush black hallways, a maze of prison cells and pulse-pounding music. Then there is the 3D haunted house, known as Inferno 3D, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves fully into one of the most feared places imaginable, the depths of hell. You will enter the circles of greed and violence and gluttony, while confronting monsters, demons and other hideous creatures along the way. Will you dare to walk through all of these haunted houses?

4. Cutting Edge Haunted House -Fort Worth, TX

This haunted house currently holds the record for the largest walk-through haunted house in the world and promises to be one of the most terrifying walks of your life. Filled with live actors, incredible special effects and terrifying monsters, this multi-story, multi-themed haunted house is full of chilling details and unbelievable scares. Part of what makes this haunted house so scary is its location, in an abandoned meat packing plant that has been turned into a human processing area where mannequins are put through the whole butcher process right before your eyes. The warning on this haunted house includes things such as “You will receive electrical shocks and be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors”, along with “You will be videotaped and broadcast on our website with no compensation”. This is indeed one of the scariest haunted houses in the country.

3. Spooky World, Nightmare New England -Litchfield, NH

Just 45 minutes from Boston this spooky attraction features not just a haunted house but also other terrifying experiences. This outdoor attraction beckons visitors to venture into the sinister countryside and explore the five haunted attractions. Experience a renovated labyrinth of chaos featuring unnatural beings leading you through trails of terror. If you are brave enough to enter the Brigham Manor prepare for deserted halls of darkness, screaming cries of terror and surprises around every corner. Expect chainsaws and clowns, zombies and rotting flesh, and give yourself at least a couple hours to experience every attraction. Don’t miss out on the hayride from hell, a one-mile long journey where you will come face to face with horrors such as a spider-infested campground and a compound riddled with horribly disfigured experiments.

2. The Haunted Hotel -San Diego, CA

Located downtown in the Gaslamp, The Haunted Hotel is the longest running haunted house in San Diego and the scariest in the city. What makes this haunted house scary is a number of things including over the top heart pounding effects, the creepiest doll island you will ever come across and a demented clown subway- sure to solidify any clown nightmares you had as a child. There are emergency exits located throughout the house as many who enter cannot finish, as they are too scared. Not recommended for children under 10, visitors should prepare for up-close encounters with actors, lots of fog machines and for it to be very dark. Try to escape the torturous grasps of the Dissectors, take a ride on the Hellevator and try to stay in one piece through the Slaughter House at this terrifying walk-through haunted house.

1. Kersey Valley Spookeywoods -Archdale, NC

This haunted house has been running for 30 years now, instilling fear into everyone that visits and boasts the award of being the scariest haunted house in America, as voted by in 2015. Beware that this scary property is not suitable for anyone under the age of 12 and that as soon as you drive onto the property, you are fair game for every creature that resides here. It’s not just one haunted house that awaits visitors here, but a slew of back-to-back attractions that features things like psycho clowns, evil witches and trolls, a murderous corn maze stalked by a forgotten spirit and a creepy mental hospital. Prepare for special light effects, sounds and smells, a feeling of claustrophobia and contact with liquid substances. No cameras, no flashlights and no costumes allowed in here; just a willingness to to be scared beyond your wildest dreams.