The 6 Best Beaches in Antigua


4. Carlisle Bay

This peaceful beach is located on the south coast of the island and beckons visitors with its clear waters and soft sand. It is here where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea and offers visitors the chance to swim in the royal blue waters, sink their toes into the sand that looks more like brown sugar and be surrounded by towering palms. It is this beach where you will find the best snorkeling in Antigua without having to hop onto a boat. There is an abundance of colorful fish in the water inviting you to grab your mask and fins. The island’s most deluxe hotel sits atop a bluff here overlooking the beautiful sand and water. Carlisle Bay is one of the island’s most celebrated shores and its no surprise given its fantastic location, plentiful sand and stunning blue waters.

Carlisle Bay

3. Hawksbill

There is not just one beach here but instead four to choose from, one that is easily accessible to the public and three which are reached by going through Hawksbill Resort. The beach got its name due to the unique looking craggy red rocks that protrude from the water just off the shore. The first beach is the most popular as you don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy it and there is ample parking nearby and soft sand and calm waters that await visitors. The second and third beaches are mainly reserved for hotel guests and tend to be quieter in nature. The fourth beach here is the only clothing optional beach on the island and stretches directly in front of Hawksbill Rock. This beach is stunning with its fine white sand and towering palm trees that often provide much needed shade; an especially important factor for a clothing optional beach.

Hawksbill Beach
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